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TruFlo UFS Series Flow Switch|TruFlo

TruFlo UFS Series Flow Switch

All plastic design, N/O or N/C operation, cut to size, vertical or horizontal installation
Inor IPAQ R530 Universal Transmitter|Inor

Inor IPAQ R530 Universal Transmitter

Rail mounted HART-compatible 2-wire transmitter designed for use with RTD, TC, mV & ohm inputs
Yokogawa TC10 Temperature Controller|Yokogawa

Yokogawa TC10 Temperature Controller

1/16 DIN temperature controller (48mm x 48mm), universal input, 3 configurable alarms
Dwyer BPI Battery Powered Temperature Indicator|Dwyer Instruments

Dwyer BPI Battery Powered Temperature Indicator

Accepts RTD or thermocouple inputs & provides local or remote display of temperature measurements
Extech 341350A-P Oyster Series pH/Conductivity/TDS Meter|Extech

Extech 341350A-P Oyster Series pH/Conductivity/TDS Meter

Rugged pH/conductivity/TDS meter for handheld or benchtop applications
Horiba LAQUAact PC-110 Meter|Horiba

Horiba LAQUAact PC-110 Meter

Dual channel, switchable display, IP67 waterproof and dustproof, measures pH, ORP, conductivity, salinity, resistivity and TDS