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Fluke A3003 FC DC Current Clamp Meter|Fluke

Fluke A3003 FC DC Current Clamp Meter

2000A DC current clamp meter that wirelessly relays measurements to other Fluke Connect enabled master units

Setra 522 Industrial OEM Pressure Transducers|Setra

Setra 522 Industrial OEM Pressure Transducers

Designed for OEM industrial applications that require exceptional stability and high accuracy

Kobold KAL-L Thermal Air Flow Switch|Kobold

Kobold KAL-L Thermal Air Flow Switch

Capable of rapid detection of flow rate change of non-hazardous gases

Panametrics PM880AC Hygrometer|Panametrics

Panametrics PM880AC Hygrometer

Non-intrinsically safe, line-powered portable hygrometer for the measurement of moisture in gases and non-aqueous liquids

Megger MJ159 Insulation Resistance Tester|Megger

Megger MJ159 Insulation Resistance Tester

Major Megger MJ tester, hand-cranked low voltage brushless a.c. generator, cranking speed between 130 rpm and 170 rpm

E+H RIA452 Process Indicator|Endress+Hauser

E+H RIA452 Process Indicator

Displays analog measured values with pump control and batch functions