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Protimeter Surveymaster Moisture Meter|Protimeter

Protimeter Surveymaster Moisture Meter

Rapid, non-invasive, and pin moisture evaluation in wood and other building materials

Protimeter Timbermaster Moisture Meter|Protimeter

Protimeter Timbermaster Moisture Meter

Moisture meter designed specifically for the wood and timber industry with built in calibration scales for 150 wood species

Extech MO210 Moisture Meter|Extech

Extech MO210 Moisture Meter

Determine % moisture with LCD digital and graphical display

Extech MO220 Wood Moisture Meter|Extech

Extech MO220 Wood Moisture Meter

Specially designed for monitoring moisture in wood

Extech MO280 Pinless Moisture Meter|Extech

Extech MO280 Pinless Moisture Meter

Non-invasive measurement of moisture content of building materials and wood

Testo 606 Moisture Meters|Testo

Testo 606 Moisture Meters

Pocket-sized professional moisture measurement technology

Extech MO290 Series Moisture Meter|Extech

Extech MO290 Series Moisture Meter

8-in-1 meter with pinless moisture sensor and built-in IR Thermometer in wood and other building materials

Extech MO260 Combination Pin/Pinless Moisture Meter|Extech

Extech MO260 Combination Pin/Pinless Moisture Meter

Non-invasive moisture measurement in wood and other building materials with virtually no surface damage

Extech MO265 Moisture Meter|Extech

Extech MO265 Moisture Meter

Combination pin/pinless moisture meter with digital LCD display

Protimeter MMS2 Moisture Meter|Protimeter

Protimeter MMS2 Moisture Meter

14 to 122°F, 12:1 (D:S), ±3.6°F accuracy, non contact IR temp measurement includes pin moisture, non-invasive moisture & hygrometry

Extech MO230 Pocket Moisture Meter|Extech

Extech MO230 Pocket Moisture Meter

Displays moisture in wood and other building materials plus air temperature and relative humidity

FLIR MR77 Moisture Meter|FLIR

FLIR MR77 Moisture Meter

Performs all the critical and advanced moisture measurements professionals demand

Dwyer DDM Distance Meter|Dwyer Instruments

Dwyer DDM Distance Meter

Laser distance meter up to 70 Meters using a Class II Laser

Dwyer MST2-01 Moisture Meter|Dwyer Instruments

Dwyer MST2-01 Moisture Meter

Handheld moisture meter has the added ability to measure temperature and relative humidity

Extech MO25 Moisture Meter|Extech

Extech MO25 Moisture Meter

Convenient pin-type meter designed for taking quick reference moisture level measurements on wood and other building materials

FLIR MR160 Imaging Moisture Meter|FLIR

FLIR MR160 Imaging Moisture Meter

Combines a thermal imaging camera with a moisture meter to quickly scan and target moisture issues

Extech MO50 Moisture Meter|Extech

Extech MO50 Moisture Meter

Displays moisture level in wood and building materials, wood moisture range 5% to 50%

FLIR MR176 Imaging Moisture Meter|FLIR

FLIR MR176 Imaging Moisture Meter

Integrates pin and pinless moisture meter, thermal imager and temperature/RH meter to quickly scan and target moisture issues

Protimeter Digital Mini Moisture Meter|Protimeter

Protimeter Digital Mini Moisture Meter

Digital pin type moisture meter compatible with a wide range of accessory plug-ins

E+E EE33 Humidity / Temperature Transmitter|E+E Elektronik

E+E EE33 Humidity / Temperature Transmitter

Designed for high humidity and chemical applications, monolithic measurement cell type, pressures up to 1450 psi

Delmhorst BD-2100 Moisture Meter|Delmhorst Instrument

Delmhorst BD-2100 Moisture Meter

Pin-type moisture meter with an adjustable alarm optimized for measuring moisture content in a variety of different building materials

Delmhorst BD-10 Moisture Meter|Delmhorst Instrument

Delmhorst BD-10 Moisture Meter

Pin-type moisture meter with an easy to view analog display for measuring moisture content in building materials

Delmhorst J-2000 Moisture Meter|Delmhorst Instrument

Delmhorst J-2000 Moisture Meter

Optimized for flooring contractors, woodworkers, furniture manufacturers and small mills and includes built-in wood species correction and temperature correction

Delmhorst J-4 Moisture Meter|Delmhorst Instrument

Delmhorst J-4 Moisture Meter

Pin-type analog moisture meter is a tried and true solution for installers, woodworkers, and small shops

Delmhorst J-Lite Moisture Meter|Delmhorst Instrument

Delmhorst J-Lite Moisture Meter

Pin style moisture meter with unique LED display great for reading in direct sunlight or dark areas

Delmhorst Navigator Pro Moisture Meter|Delmhorst Instrument

Delmhorst Navigator Pro Moisture Meter

Easy to use 3-in-1 meter offers pin mode, scan mode, and a thermo-hygrometer in a single handheld moisture meter

Delmhorst ProScan Moisture Meter|Delmhorst Instrument

Delmhorst ProScan Moisture Meter

Pinless moisture meter provides precise, non-destructive testing for building materials such as wood, drywall, siding, tile and plaster

Delmhorst QuickNav Moisture Meter|Delmhorst Instrument

Delmhorst QuickNav Moisture Meter

Easy to use 3-in-1 meter offers pin mode, scan mode, and a thermo-hygrometer in a single handheld unit

Delmhorst RC-1E Moisture Meter|Delmhorst Instrument

Delmhorst RC-1E Moisture Meter

Beautifully finished analog moisture meter uses a four-range scale making it a favorite among dry kiln operators

Showing 1 to 30 of 36 products