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Mensor manufactures Water Baths, Pressure Controllers, and many more products. Mensor delivers high quality instrumentation products and has a reputation as one of the top manufacturers of test and measurment instruments.
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Mensor CTB9100-165 Calibration Bath|Mensor

Mensor CTB9100-165 Calibration Bath

-31 to 329°F (-35 to 165°C) temperature range, on-site calibration, simultaneous calibration of several probes

Mensor CTB9100-225 Calibration Bath|Mensor

Mensor CTB9100-225 Calibration Bath

104 to 437°F (40 to 225°C) temperature range, on-site calibration, simultaneous calibration of several probes

Mensor CPC4000 Pressure Controller|Mensor

Mensor CPC4000 Pressure Controller

Desk top or rack mount pressure controller for up to 3045 psi gauge (3060 psi absolute)

Mensor CPC2000 Pressure Controller|Mensor

Mensor CPC2000 Pressure Controller

Provides mobile calibration of low-pressure measuring devices

Mensor CPG2500 Pressure Indicator|Mensor

Mensor CPG2500 Pressure Indicator

Two-channel pressure indicator with internal barometric reference optional

Mensor CPG2400 Pressure Indicator|Mensor

Mensor CPG2400 Pressure Indicator

Low cost, single-range pressure measuring instrument, formerly the DPG2400

Mensor CPG2300 Digital Pressure Gauge|Mensor

Mensor CPG2300 Digital Pressure Gauge

High accuracy digital pressure calibrator for field calibrations in rugged environments, formerly the DPG2300

Mensor CPG2300 Barometer|Mensor

Mensor CPG2300 Barometer

Portable high accuracy barometer with a barometric range of 8 to 17 PSI (17 to 34inHgA)

Mensor CPH7000 Process Calibrator|Mensor

Mensor CPH7000 Process Calibrator

Portable process calibrator, generates pressures up to 360 psi, 0.025% accuracy, color touchscreen display

Mensor CPU6000 Pressure Calibrator|Mensor

Mensor CPU6000 Pressure Calibrator

Choose from the CPU6000-W weather station, CPU6000-S pressure balance sensor box and CPU6000-M digital multimeter

Mensor CPT6020 Pressure Transducer|Mensor

Mensor CPT6020 Pressure Transducer

Gauge, absolute, bi-directional & barometric pressure measurement with ranges from 0 to 10inH2O up to 15,015 PSI with 0.02% accuracy

Mensor CPT2500 Pressure Transmitter|Mensor

Mensor CPT2500 Pressure Transmitter

Pressure transmitter With USB adapter and software, up to 1000 bar measuring range, 1ms to 10s measuring intervals

Showing 1 to 12 of 12 products