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Setra manufactures Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Meters, Pressure Calibrators, Humidity Meters , Electronic Switches / Relays, Pressure Gauges, Pressure Sensors / Transmitters / Transducers, Signal Conditioners, Air Velocity Meters / Anemometers, Power Quality / Analyzers, and many more products. Setra delivers high quality instrumentation products and has a reputation as one of the top manufacturers of test and measurment instruments.
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Setra Model CSS / CSC Digital Current Switches|Setra

Setra Model CSS / CSC Digital Current Switches

Solid core or clamped/split care design, adjustable switch setpoints

Setra SRMD Room Monitoring Display|Setra

Setra SRMD Room Monitoring Display

Single or dual highly visible LCD display for viewing temperature and/or humidity parameters from up to 30 feet away

Setra CTC Series Current Transducers|Setra

Setra CTC Series Current Transducers

Clamped split core design, slide switch for selectable amperage ranges of 30, 60, 120A

Setra MicroCal Pressure Calibrator|Setra

Setra MicroCal Pressure Calibrator

Stand-alone calibration standard for differential and gauge pressure sensors found in critical environments

Setra Power Patrol Power Meter|Setra

Setra Power Patrol Power Meter

Advanced, networked 3-phase power meter

Setra Power Battalion 48 Power Meter|Setra

Setra Power Battalion 48 Power Meter

Works with standard & Rogowski style current transformers to monitor any combination of up to 16 three-phase or 48 single-phase loads

Setra SRIMV Velocity Sensor|Setra

Setra SRIMV Velocity Sensor

Monitor velocity with the option to measure and display flow, differential pressure, temperature and humidity

Setra 370 Digital Pressure Gauge|Setra

Setra 370 Digital Pressure Gauge

6-digit LCD, numeric keypad, unit conversion, hi/lo alarms

Setra SRH Humidity Transmitter|Setra

Setra SRH Humidity Transmitter

Wall mount, duct mount, and outside air humidity transmitters

Setra 264 Pressure Transducer|Setra

Setra 264 Pressure Transducer

Very low differential pressure transducer for building energy management

Setra SRPM Room Pressure Monitor|Setra

Setra SRPM Room Pressure Monitor

Designed for critical low differential pressure applications that require stringent pressure monitoring and alarming

Setra SRCM Room Condition Monitor|Setra

Setra SRCM Room Condition Monitor

Provides room condition, room identification, security, calibration, and room pressure status all in one unit

Setra 230 Pressure Transducer|Setra

Setra 230 Pressure Transducer

Wet-to-Wet, low differential pressure transducer for liquids & gases

Setra 231RS Pressure Transducer|Setra

Setra 231RS Pressure Transducer

Wet-to-wet, differential, multi-configurable, reduces labor, materials, and time.

Setra 267 Pressure Transducer|Setra

Setra 267 Pressure Transducer

Very low differential pressure transducer with uni-directional, bi-directional, or multi-range (267MR) options

Setra FLEX Environmental Monitor|Setra

Setra FLEX Environmental Monitor

Monitor and control pressure, temperature, humidity, air change rate and 2 user-defined parameters via 7 in. touch-screen display

Setra 270 Pressure Transducer|Setra

Setra 270 Pressure Transducer

SETRACERAM™ sensor, ±0.05% FS accuracy, barometric, gauge or absolute pressure, non-condensing air or gas

Setra 206 Pressure Transducer|Setra

Setra 206 Pressure Transducer

Industrial pressure transducer for use in harsh environments, gauge or compound pressure, max range from 25 to 10,000 PSI

Setra Model 239 Pressure Transducer|Setra

Setra Model 239 Pressure Transducer

High accuracy, low range pressure transducer

Setra 231 Pressure Transducer|Setra

Setra 231 Pressure Transducer

Wet-to-wet, differential, multi-configurable pressure transducer

Setra 209 Pressure Transducers|Setra

Setra 209 Pressure Transducers

High-accuracy pressure transducer built for harsh environments

Setra 265 Pressure Transducer|Setra

Setra 265 Pressure Transducer

Versatile, cost effective low pressure transducer designed for use with building energy management systems

Setra 3100 & 3200 Pressure Transducer|Setra

Setra 3100 & 3200 Pressure Transducer

Thin-film sensor provides high performance and stability for large volume installs

Setra 278 Barometric Pressure Transducer|Setra

Setra 278 Barometric Pressure Transducer

0.1 mb/yr stability, high accuracy, < 100mSec response time, low power consumption

Setra 256 Pressure Transducer|Setra

Setra 256 Pressure Transducer

Aluminum enclosure specifically designed for weatherproof service, available in a variety of gauge pressure ranges and corrosive fluid compatible

Setra 204 Pressure Transducer|Setra

Setra 204 Pressure Transducer

High accuracy pressure measurement up to 10,000 psi

Setra 276 Barometric Pressure Transducer|Setra

Setra 276 Barometric Pressure Transducer

SETRACERAM Sensor, 0.25% FS accuracy, barometric or absolute pressure

Setra SRIM1 Room Isolation Monitor|Setra

Setra SRIM1 Room Isolation Monitor

Provides local audible and visual alarms to alert personnel when the pressure differential is compromised

Setra 269 Differential Pressure Transducer|Setra

Setra 269 Differential Pressure Transducer

Unidirectional range: 0 to 0.1 to 0 to 10.0 WC, bidirectional range: ±0.05 to ±5.0 WC

Setra 290 Sanitary Pressure Transducer|Setra

Setra 290 Sanitary Pressure Transducer

The Setra model 290 meets 3A sanitary standards

Showing 1 to 30 of 48 products