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Walchem manufactures Metering Pumps, and many more products. Walchem delivers high quality instrumentation products and has a reputation as one of the top manufacturers of test and measurment instruments.
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Walchem EZ Series Metering Pumps|Walchem

Walchem EZ Series Metering Pumps

Compact size and simple control for precise chemical injection with outputs to 6.3 GPH and pressure capabilities to 150 PSI

Walchem EHE Series Metering Pumps|Walchem

Walchem EHE Series Metering Pumps

Outputs up to 20 GPH and 150 PSI, turndown ratio of 1800:1

Walchem EWN Series Metering Pumps|Walchem

Walchem EWN Series Metering Pumps

Universal voltage, digital controller metering pump with high speed dosing capabilities, 6.7 GPH, maximum pressure of 290 PSI

Walchem IX Series Metering Pumps|Walchem

Walchem IX Series Metering Pumps

Digitally controlled direct-drive diaphragm pumps

Walchem LKN Series Metering Pumps|Walchem

Walchem LKN Series Metering Pumps

Motor-driven, mechanically actuated diaphragm metering pump, maximum capacity of 114 GPH, maximum pressure of 225 PSI

Walchem EJ Series Metering Pumps|Walchem

Walchem EJ Series Metering Pumps

Precise chemical injection with outputs to 1.3 GPH and 175 PSI

Walchem W100W Cooling Tower / Boiler Flow Controller|Walchem

Walchem W100W Cooling Tower / Boiler Flow Controller

Flexible flow controller with three control outputs

Walchem W600 Series Flow Controller|Walchem

Walchem W600 Series Flow Controller

Water treatment flow controller with up to six relays & six outputs

Walchem W900 Series Flow Controller|Walchem

Walchem W900 Series Flow Controller

Water treatment flow controller with eight relays & four input / output slots

Walchem W100P Series Flow Controller|Walchem

Walchem W100P Series Flow Controller

Compact pH/ORP/ISE flow controller with four outputs for water treatment applications

Showing 1 to 11 of 11 products