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Yokogawa manufactures Flow Meters, Thermometers, Decade Boxes, Ground Resistance Meters, HART Communicators, Multifunction Process Calibrators, Light Meters, Power Quality / Analyzers, Clamp Meters, and many more products. Yokogawa delivers high quality instrumentation products and has a reputation as one of the top manufacturers of test and measurment instruments.
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Yokogawa 2786 Decade Resistance Box|Yokogawa

Yokogawa 2786 Decade Resistance Box

Six dial allow for quick and easy settings, ranging from 0.1 to 1,111,110 ohms

Yokogawa 2793 Decade Resistance Box|Yokogawa

Yokogawa 2793 Decade Resistance Box

Simple and quick six dial operation, in-line display for easy reading, ideal for resistance thermometers, bridges or insulation resistance testers

Yokogawa EY200 Digital Earth Tester|Yokogawa

Yokogawa EY200 Digital Earth Tester

Measure by 3-pole or 2-pole method, one touch button and dedicated test lead

Yokogawa YHC5150X Portable Hart Communicator|Yokogawa

Yokogawa YHC5150X Portable Hart Communicator

Class I, Division 1 HART communicator with FieldMate functionality, 4.3 in. anti-glare color touch screen & a full QWERTY keyboard

Yokogawa 510 Series Lux Meters|Yokogawa

Yokogawa 510 Series Lux Meters

High performance digital lux meters with good oblique incident light characteristics

Yokogawa CA71 Handy CAL Calibrator|Yokogawa

Yokogawa CA71 Handy CAL Calibrator

Multifunction calibrator simultaneously generates and measures voltage, current, TC, RTD, and pulse signals

Yokogawa CA150 Calibrator|Yokogawa

Yokogawa CA150 Calibrator

Multi-function, precision calibrator for calibrating and testing industrial process devices and electronic equipment

Yokogawa CA700 Pressure Calibrator|Yokogawa

Yokogawa CA700 Pressure Calibrator

Achieves the highest accuracy in the portable class, ranges up to 3500 KPa, IP54 dustproof and waterproof

Yokogawa CW500 Power Quality Analyzer|Yokogawa

Yokogawa CW500 Power Quality Analyzer

Enables user friendly power consumption and power quality measurements in the field that conform to IEC61000-4-30 Class S

Yokogawa PR300 Power and Energy Meter|Yokogawa

Yokogawa PR300 Power and Energy Meter

Panel-mounted power facility meter and meter for monitoring energy consumption

Yokogawa CW10 Clamp On Power Meter|Yokogawa

Yokogawa CW10 Clamp On Power Meter

AC/DC power up to 600 kW, True RMS for AC, harmonics 1st to 25th order

Yokogawa TX10 Series Digital Thermometers|Yokogawa

Yokogawa TX10 Series Digital Thermometers

Easy-to-use digital thermometer for use with type K, J, E, and T thermocouples

Yokogawa CA300 Series Process Calibrators|Yokogawa

Yokogawa CA300 Series Process Calibrators

Handheld calibrator used to inspect and maintain accuracy of control devices, ergonomic and friendly user-interface

Yokogawa RAMC Short Stroke Rotameter|Yokogawa

Yokogawa RAMC Short Stroke Rotameter

Measures flow rates of liquids & gases specializing in troubled, opaque, or aggressive mediums

Yokogawa RAGL 41 Laboratory Rotameter|Yokogawa

Yokogawa RAGL 41 Laboratory Rotameter

Large measuring range, Low pressure loss, anti-static measuring

Yokogawa RAGK Rotameter|Yokogawa

Yokogawa RAGK Rotameter

Transparent tube gives you full insight into the process and position of the float

Yokogawa RAKD Rotameter|Yokogawa

Yokogawa RAKD Rotameter

Robust, compact, designed for low flows and high pressure applications

Yokogawa RAGN Rotameter|Yokogawa

Yokogawa RAGN Rotameter

Designed for aggressive applications, turnable splinter shield

Yokogawa MY600 Digital Insulation Tester|Yokogawa

Yokogawa MY600 Digital Insulation Tester

Voltage & low resistance measurement with approximately 0.5 second measurement time via pass/fail display

Yokogawa 2406E Series Analog Insulation Testers|Yokogawa

Yokogawa 2406E Series Analog Insulation Testers

Analog models with two and three rating, AC voltage measurement (600V max)

Yokogawa UT35A & UT32A Advanced Indicating Controller|Yokogawa

Yokogawa UT35A & UT32A Advanced Indicating Controller

UTAdvanced digital indicating controller with single-loop control

Yokogawa UT55A & UT52A Indicating Controllers|Yokogawa

Yokogawa UT55A & UT52A Indicating Controllers

UTAdvanced digital indicating controller preset with 8 control functions and 8 control algorithms

Yokogawa UT150L Limit Controller|Yokogawa

Yokogawa UT150L Limit Controller

Dual display 1/16 DIN limit controller with FM approval

Yokogawa TC10 Temperature Controller|Yokogawa

Yokogawa TC10 Temperature Controller

1/16 DIN temperature controller (48mm x 48mm), universal input, 3 configurable alarms

Yokogawa UT32A Basic Indicating Controller|Yokogawa

Yokogawa UT32A Basic Indicating Controller

Entry-level digital indicating controller designed for applications that don’t require all the power and functions of the UT Advanced series

Yokogawa UP55A Profile Controller|Yokogawa

Yokogawa UP55A Profile Controller

14-segment large color LCD display, ladder sequence function, navigation keys

Yokogawa UT35A-L Limit Controller|Yokogawa

Yokogawa UT35A-L Limit Controller

UTAdvanced 1/4 DIN indicating limit controller with universal input

Yokogawa UT75A Digital Indicating Controller|Yokogawa

Yokogawa UT75A Digital Indicating Controller

Enhanced performance, usability, and flexibility for advanced control needs in a wide variety of applications

Yokogawa UP35A Indicating Controller|Yokogawa

Yokogawa UP35A Indicating Controller

UTAdvanced program controller with 2 programs and 20 segments standard, additional optional

Showing 1 to 30 of 51 products