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MTL 7700 Intrinsically Safe Barrier|MTL Instruments

MTL 7700 Intrinsically Safe Barrier

DIN-rail zener barriers limit the amount of energy transferred across the barrier to a level that cannot ignite flammable atmospheres

MTL 4500 Intrinsically Safe Isolators|MTL Instruments

MTL 4500 Intrinsically Safe Isolators

Backplane mounting, high efficiency isolating interfaces with system vendors in mind

MTL 5500 Intrinsically Safe Isolators|MTL Instruments

MTL 5500 Intrinsically Safe Isolators

Isolates hazardous and safe area circuits to avoid earth-loop problems and DIN rail mounted for simplified installation

MTL 1000 Signal Conditioning Isolators|MTL Instruments

MTL 1000 Signal Conditioning Isolators

DIN-rail mount module with an embedded power bus that can accept 7 different inputs

MTL 1991 Power Feed & Alarm Module|MTL Instruments

MTL 1991 Power Feed & Alarm Module

Provide single or dual power to MTL 1000 signal conditioning isolators with power monitor alarm

Showing 1 to 5 of 5 products