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Extech 380803 Power Analyzer|Extech

Extech 380803 Power Analyzer

True RMS appliance tester & power analyzer with PC interface plus data logging for analyzing AC power loads

Extech BT100 Battery Capacity Tester|Extech

Extech BT100 Battery Capacity Tester

AC Milli-ohmmeter checks battery condition is seconds while the battery is in service

Extech 480403 Phase Sequence and Motor Rotation Tester|Extech

Extech 480403 Phase Sequence and Motor Rotation Tester

Determine the phase orientation of a three phase power supply or the direction of rotation on a three phase motor

Extech 40130 Voltage Detector|Extech

Extech 40130 Voltage Detector

Non-contact detection of AC voltage up to 600VAC

Extech DA30 Current Detector|Extech

Extech DA30 Current Detector

Easy-to-use non-contact AC current detector

Extech DV20 Voltage Detector|Extech

Extech DV20 Voltage Detector

Easy-to-use voltage detector with built-in flashlight

Extech DV30 AC Voltage Detector|Extech

Extech DV30 AC Voltage Detector

Non-contact AC voltage detector with adjustable sensitivity

Extech DVA30 AC Voltage and Current Detector|Extech

Extech DVA30 AC Voltage and Current Detector

The only two-in-one AC current and AC voltage detector designed for electrical testing

Extech CT20 Continuity Tester|Extech

Extech CT20 Continuity Tester

One person operation for wire and cable testing

Extech CB10 Circuit Breaker Finder|Extech

Extech CB10 Circuit Breaker Finder

3-in-1 tester to test receptacles, GFCI circuits, or locate fuses

Extech DV40 AC Voltage Detector & IR Thermometer|Extech

Extech DV40 AC Voltage Detector & IR Thermometer

Non-contact voltage detector (1000V) with built-in infrared thermometer

Extech DA50 AC Current Detector|Extech

Extech DA50 AC Current Detector

Telescoping probe with non-contact detection of AC Current up to 1000A

Extech RT30 Wireless AC Circuit Identifiers|Extech

Extech RT30 Wireless AC Circuit Identifiers

Combines non-contact voltage and light detection with RF (Radio Frequency) transmission technology

Extech CB10-KIT Electrical Troubleshooting Kit|Extech

Extech CB10-KIT Electrical Troubleshooting Kit

Circuit breaker finder with outlet/GFCI tester, continuity checker/wire tracer and AC voltage detector with flashlight

Fluke LVD2 Volt Light|Fluke

Fluke LVD2 Volt Light

Pen-style non-contact AC voltage detector with LED flashlight

Fluke T5 Testers|Fluke

Fluke T5 Testers

Voltage, continuity and current testers available in 600V or 1000V models

Extech DV25 AC Voltage Detector|Extech

Extech DV25 AC Voltage Detector

Dual range non-contact AC voltage detector

Fluke T+ and T+ PRO Electrical Testers|Fluke

Fluke T+ and T+ PRO Electrical Testers

Electrical testers featuring three forms of AC/DC voltage indication: light, sound and vibration

Extech CT40 Cable Identifier/Tester Kit|Extech

Extech CT40 Cable Identifier/Tester Kit

Identify up to 16 local or installed lines and troubleshoot electrical/electronic circuits

Fluke 179 Industrial Multimeter Service Kit|Fluke

Fluke 179 Industrial Multimeter Service Kit

Fluke 179 True-RMS multimeter with built-in thermometer and Fluke 323 AC current clamp and accessories

Fluke 87V/E2 Industrial Electrician Combo Kit|Fluke

Fluke 87V/E2 Industrial Electrician Combo Kit

Includes special accessories to make industrial troubleshooting with the Fluke 87V multimeter even more productive

Amprobe TIC 300 PRO Voltage Detector|Amprobe

Amprobe TIC 300 PRO Voltage Detector

High energy tic tracer for non-contact AC voltage detection

Amprobe BAT-500 Battery Capacity Tester|Amprobe

Amprobe BAT-500 Battery Capacity Tester

Quick and accurate battery testing without taking the batteries offline

Amprobe BAT-200 Battery Tester|Amprobe

Amprobe BAT-200 Battery Tester

Portable universal battery tester for standard and rechargeable batteries

Extech MN24 Electrical Test Kit|Extech

Extech MN24 Electrical Test Kit

Basic troubleshooting tools for common electrical problems

Extech CT70 AC Circuit Load Tester|Extech

Extech CT70 AC Circuit Load Tester

AC outlet load handling capabilities plus outlet tester functions

AEMC 275HVD Voltage Detector|AEMC

AEMC 275HVD Voltage Detector

Non-contact AC high voltage detector designed to detect the presence of high voltage without physical contact

Showing 1 to 30 of 73 products