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Watlow WATROD Tubular Heater|Watlow

Watlow WATROD Tubular Heater

Single- and double-ended tubular heating elements

Watlow WATROD Duct Heater|Watlow

Watlow WATROD Duct Heater

The perfect heating solution for non-pressurized, air-heating applications

Watlow WATROD Multicoil Tubular Heater|Watlow

Watlow WATROD Multicoil Tubular Heater

Versatile and innovative tubular heating element with multiple coils and/or thermocouples

Watlow Square Flange Immersion Heater|Watlow

Watlow Square Flange Immersion Heater

Square flange immersion heaters designed for use in boilers and industrial storage tanks

Watlow Flange Immersion Heater|Watlow

Watlow Flange Immersion Heater

Flanged immersion heaters for heating liquids and gases in tanks and pressure vessels

Watlow Screw Plug Immersion Heater|Watlow

Watlow Screw Plug Immersion Heater

Ideal for direct immersion heating of liquids

Watlow FIREBAR Heater|Watlow

Watlow FIREBAR Heater

Innovative, flat surface design improves heater performance

Watlow Finbar Heater|Watlow

Watlow Finbar Heater

Improves heat transfer to the air and permits putting more power in tighter spaces

Showing 1 to 8 of 8 products