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Explore the best of Process Controllers : A comprehensive list of our top product brand categories

Some models of CAL Controls Process Controllers are below
  • CAL Controls MAXVU Rail Process Controller

  • CAL Controls MAXVU Rail Limit Controller

Some models of Watlow Process Controllers are below
  • Watlow F4T Process Controller

Some models of HONEYWELL Process Controllers are below
  • Honeywell UDC3500 Universal Digital Controller

  • Honeywell UDC3200 Universal Digital Controller

  • Honeywell UDC1200 Universal Controller

  • Honeywell UDC1700 Universal Controller

  • Honeywell UDC2500 Universal Digital Controller

Some models of APG Automation Products Group Process Controllers are below
  • APG DCR-1006A Controller

Some models of Walchem Process Controllers are below
  • Walchem W100W pH / ORP / Con / Disinfection Flow Controller

  • Walchem W900 Series Flow Controller

  • Walchem W600 Series Flow Controller

  • Walchem W100W Cooling Tower / Boiler Flow Controller

  • Walchem W100P Series Flow Controller

Some models of Georg Fischer / GF Signet Process Controllers are below
  • GF Signet 8900 Multi-Parameter Controller

  • GF Signet 9900-1BC Batch Controller

Some models of Flowline Process Controllers are below
  • Flowline Commander Multi-Channel Controller

  • Flowline DeltaView LI55 Level Controller

  • Flowline DataPoint LC52

Some models of AquaMetrix Process Controllers are below
  • AquaMetrix 2250 Series Flow Controller

  • AquaMetrix 2300 Input Controller

Some models of Partlow Process Controllers are below
  • Partlow MIC 8200 Process Controller

  • Partlow MIC 2000 Process Controller

  • Partlow MIC 1166 Profile Controller

  • Partlow MIC 6000 Profile Controller

Some models of Level Pro Process Controllers are below
  • Level Pro ITC 450 Industrial Controller

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Explore the best of Process Controllers : A comprehensive list of our top product brand categories

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Capable stand alone controller with 4 Relays & signal outputs for select APG Modbus level sensors

pH, ORP, conductivity & flow parameters available, three control relays for rising or falling processes, easy calibration

Multi-parameter 4-20 mA input controller, input for four 4-20 mA sensors of any kind in any combination

DIN-rail mounted limit controller with universal input, up to 3 outputs & optional RS485 communications

DIN-rail mount, universal input temperature & process controller for PID or on-off control

General purpose, multi-channel controller for a wide range of monitoring and control applications

Single Tank Level Indicator with 2 relays, 1 to 3 set points and an isolated analog repeater

The Flowline DeltaView LI55 Level Controller displays engineering units with one 4 to 20 mA or 0 to 10 VDC continuous level sensor input.

Measures flow, pH, ORP, conductivity, pressure, level, and temperature

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